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Hope Is More Powerful Than Fear

by on October 12, 2017

“The only thing stronger than fear is hope,” President Snow states in The Hunger Games when he realizes the impact Katniss is having on the districts defecting from him. His attempt to instill fear into the hearts of the districts has been undermined by the hope of freedom. In exchange for a chance to live freely, the people begin to rise up to the point of risking their lives because they finally have hope.

Imagine the impact on a person’s life if this motto was fully applied. There are the small things such as hoping for a parking spot near the front door on a rainy day. There are medium hopes such as for a relationship to work out for a long period of time. And then there are large hopes that a person will live a life fulfilled. But fear can destroy hope is a matter of seconds if allowed.

How can a person live a hopeful life? What does that look like? There are four parts to HOPE:

  • Heart – In order for hope to be effective, a person’s heart, soul or spirit needs to be aligned with something larger than self. This usually requires some type of deep faith such as a religious belief in God. This perspective is a constant reminder that there is more to life that what can be seen in the moment. Having this vantage point allows a person to hope in the future and minimizes the effect of fear.
  • Optimism – Hope is not negative, rather it is a positive outlook. It is seeing the best in others, it is motivation to strive for more, and it is a desire to look for optimistic outcomes. A person who eagerly embraces positivity instead of negativity models hopefulness. This inspires confidence and enthusiasm which are important elements in counteracting fear.
  • Possibility – Without the prospect for change, there can be no possibility. Without possibility there is no real hope. A person’s ability to change grows stronger an atmosphere of opportunity. Watching such transformation encourages others to change as well. This shift breeds hope in others and diminishes the strength of fear.
  • Energy – Without fuel, hope will die. It is necessary to generate energy for hope to survive. This can be a daily activity where a person refocuses on their purpose, vision, or mission in life. In just a matter of minutes, hope can be refueled to last an entire day. Constantly supplied hope will not perish.

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