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Abuse Exposed

Abuse Exposed: Identifying Family Secrets That Breed DysfunctionIdentifying Family Secrets That Breed Dysfunction

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NOW AVAILABLE! When abuse occurs, life can seem to dive into a downward spiral. Through the emotional confusion, and perhaps physical harm, mental clarity is nearly impossible to grasp. Plus, many times we don’t even recognize the abuse because it’s covertly impacting us, unlike obvious examples of physical or sexual varieties. Unfortunately, abuse is often passed down, locked away in a box marked as a “family secret.” In my new book, you’ll be able to identify several types of abuse affecting you — whether you’re the victim or abuser — as well as receive clear advice on what do to before, during, and after it occurs. There’s hope and healing ahead.

Don’t let abusive behavior be a stumbling block that trips you up over and over. Instead, let’s turn the block into a stepping stone to reach new heights in life.

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Exhausted Woman’s Handbook

The Exhausted Woman’s HandbookExhausted Women’s Syndrome (EWS) happens to overworked, overstressed, overloaded, and overly committed women. Left unattended, EWS negatively affects you and your relationships. But the syndrome is not the problem, unresolved issues are.

More than likely, you already know some causes of exhaustion but you don’t have the time, money, or energy needed to find solutions. Designed to be read in short segments, this book provides practical suggestions that are easy to implement and will relieve your exhaustion.

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