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10 Traits that May Indicate a Personality Disorder

by on July 12, 2020

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    I’ve been married to a man who was diagnosed With BPD and OCD. OCD was my diagnosis for many reasons. Wanted to buy me a bikini and bought 13. This was the first flag for that. He is the expert on everything and no one is smarter as he is per him. It’s always about him. Narcissist is my humble diagnosis after listening to you. Married for 32 years but spent very little time together. He worked at night and I worked during the day. Lies too numerous to mention. Projection and gaslighting too much to list. He just retired and I’m WFH since March due to COVID. Three daughters are out of the house. I have given up drinking eight years ago and came to the realization that he’s a really sick man. He has a good heart but I pay for it. I was relating to many of the ten traits you spoke about. I’d like to continue to live in our house and I would prefer to not spend time with him because it’s usually never pleasant. He would not hear of this arrangement. So, if you ever need someone to talk to in order to give examples, I’d be honored. I just came upon your name and website so thank you. It’s always nice to get the reinforcement that I am not the sick one. I shall read on.



    Thanks so much, Christine. I am learning a lot about personality disorder from your writing and podcasts. I have a question about any known correlations of narcissism. Is it more likely that a narcissist will be in relationship with other narcissists? If not, what personality type do narcissists usually connect with, if any?


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