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Are you looking for immediate help? Our masterclasses can be done in the privacy of your own home at your own pace for a fraction of the cost of counseling.

Here are your choices:

Survive a Divorce with a Narcissist

Whether you are thinking of divorcing your narcissistic spouse, in the middle of it, or have finalized the divorce, the tactics are the same. I’m here to help with their deception. This class will give you all of the tools and resources you need to navigate divorcing a narcissist. A narcissist’s tactics during a divorce are predictable and they can be deflected if you know what they are. You will learn this and how to avoid other traps so you can get the best possible outcome.

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Free Yourself from Narcissistic Bondage

Regardless of your narcissistic relationship with a spouse, ex, parent, sibling, child, friend, co-worker, or boss, your journey has been difficult. I understand I have been there both professionally and personally.

After working with hundreds of narcissists and their family members, I have learned a few things about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This masterclass gives insight into your own journey while helping you to heal from all of the hurt and pain. You will learn how you fell into the relationship, what you gave up along the way, and the tools for healing so you don’t repeat the pattern in the future.

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Accelerate Your Divorce Process

help anyone considering divorce or in the early stages of the process. You will learn how to accelerate your divorce progress through the 5 stages of divorce. This prevents you from getting caught reliving old events, unable to release the pain and bitterness that often happens during a divorce.

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Intentional Life Change

This class is designed to save you time, money, and energy by pinpointing the areas you want to change. Life change requires… courage to see the need, bravery to seek guidance, strength to complete the process, and wisdom to impact others. This class can reduce the need for counseling or at the very least, clarify what issues you might need to address. This class is so helpful that I ask all of my new clients to attend it prior to seeing me.

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