Imagine seeing people and the world through a flat reflection instead of alive and in color, this is what narcissism does to a person. I’m here to help.



After the viewing the free webinar, check out our exclusive online group designed to understand the narcissist around you. Our goal is to impart knowledge, provide encouragement and empowering solutions, clarify understanding, and answer questions on narcissism. Learn how to deal with the narcissist in your life using tried and tested methods that get positive results.

Christine Hammond is an expert in Narcissistic Personality Disorder having personally dealt with narcissism both in her personal and professional lives. She counsels hundreds of clients on the subject, authors articles/blogs, conducts continuing education training for other mental health counselors, speaks at events, and hosts a narcissism podcast.

The exclusive sessions cover a unique area of narcissism each time while also allowing the participants to actively engage in the discussion. There will be an introductory segment led by Christine Hammond followed by Q&A.

The exclusive sessions are an hour long and are hosted every other week on Wednesday night from 6:15-7:15pm EST. Because each session addresses a different topic and features a variety of participants, it will be new and exciting every time.

This is not individual or group counseling. Rather, it is solution-focused and can be done in conjunction with individual or family therapy. The online aspect allows for complete anonymity as only the presenter will be aware of the participants.

Christine’s individual hourly mentoring fee is $200 however, at this time, she is currently not taking new clients. Due to an increasing demand, she has created this group to provide support to those who require it. The exclusive sessions are discounted to only $75. Please use the attached link to PayPal to register your participation for the webinar.



October 11th: How to keep from going crazy when dealing with a narcissist. Proven strategies that I have used personally and professionally to keep from going crazy when dealing with narcissism.

October 25th: Dealing with A Narcissist at Work. How can I survive with a narcissistic boss? Do I have to leave my job? Will they destroy my career?

November 8th: Married to A Narcissist? Do I have to divorce my narcissistic spouse? Can our marriage work? How do I live without losing myself in the process?

Novembe 22nd: Raising A Narcissist. Help! I think my child is a narcissist. How do I parent a child like this? Can they ever get better?




The Secret Lie of Narcissim

Beneath all of that bravado and charm lies a hidden secret the narcissist doesn’t want you to find. They will do anything to protect their secret from you.

They might lie about it. Or they might divert your attention with an innovative story. Or they might project their secret onto you. Come close to figuring it out and the result is warfare for control.

Narcissists will use all types of abuse to dominate you. They use verbal (i.e. threats, intimidation), physical (i.e. restraining, choking), emotional (i.e. fear or guilt tactics), mental (i.e. gaslighting, silent treatment), financial (i.e. withholding, exploitation), sexual (i.e. forced, coerced) or spiritual (i.e. isolation from family, legalism) forms of abuse.

Their fear is this… information equals power. If you know their secret, you will then embarrass or humiliate them. This is the worst thing they can imagine… others thinking less of them.

So what is this precious secret? Hidden deep inside, all narcissists have an overwhelming feeling of insecurity. Their lack of self-worth stems from some unmet need. Find the unmet need and you have discovered the Achilles’ heel. Here are a few examples.

Need for love.

Many narcissists are raised by narcissists who practice conditional instead of unconditional love. This uncertainty of love often manifests in the insatiable desire for affirmation, attention, intimacy, or sex. When they don’t feel loved, narcissists seek out anyone who will satisfy their need.

Need for safety.

When a narcissist has been traumatized as a child and hurt by someone they love, the need for future safety becomes myopic. They are consumed by the need for security and protection for themselves and family members. Unsafe environments breed the desire for greater control and stronger intensity.

Need for acceptance.

Repeated bullying at a young age can cause a narcissist to feel like they don’t belong. This can create a sense of isolation in peer groups. Or instead some narcissists strive in vain to appear to be all things to everyone in order to be accepted. A lack of acceptance often brings out offensive behavior and overreaction to others.

Need for respect.

Over use of the phrase, “That is disrespectful” indicates the narcissist feels everyone is against them. Their strong sense of entitlement and favorable treatment creates a tense atmosphere whenever they feel impertinence. Whenever they report being disrespected, expect a verbal or even physical attack as demonstration of their intolerance.

Need for fundamentals.

This is not as common in younger narcissists because they have not endured an economical depression. But for the older generation who grew up during the Great Depression, the need for food, shelter, and clothing became a driving force. Not having the fundamentals leads to hording and miserly attitudes.

So what do you do with the new found Achilles’ heel? Recognize that at the heart of a narcissist is a very broken person with the same needs as everyone else. The difference is that their secret need is concealed because of their deep shame and guilt. This is no way justifies their poor behavior but it can help to explain it. How you handle the information is your choice.

Repairing, restoring, and rebuilding relationships takes time, energy and effort. If you find yourself needing more help during this process, please call our offices at 407-647-7005 to schedule an appointment. Or to send me a quick email, click here.

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