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Abuse comes in many forms: some are obvious, some are not. I’m here to help.


Abuse Exposed

Physical abuse is only one type of abuse, many miss the other types which can be far more damaging than a physical mark.

Think about it….

  • A coach calls you stupid and minimizes your abilities which results in a lack of self-esteem and confidence. You quit trying.
  • A coworker agrees to do their share of a project but falls short and then blames you for the reason it was not completed. This results in a write-up from your boss.
  • A friend sexually assaults you leaving you hurt and terrified but no one believes your story, instead, they call you dramatic.
  • A spouse, angry over the last disagreement, sends an email to your boss defaming your character which almost results in a loss of employment.
  • As you recount a painful childhood experience with your mother, she immediately discounts the incident, calls you crazy, and tells you that you never remember anything right. You question your sanity.
  • You are having dinner with a group of people from a religious organization and suddenly realize that no one will look at you or respond to anything you say because you are not part of their group. You feel invisible.
  • Your aunt says that a ‘good daughter’ calls her mother every day when she knows you only speak with your mother once a week. You feel bullied into doing something you don’t want to do.
  • Your ex starts remarking on all your social media posts. Before you know it, your ex starts appearing where you are and makes passive-aggressive threats. You are afraid for your life.

All of these are examples of abusive behavior. Yes, abuse is not just physical. It can be emotional, mental, verbal, sexual, spiritual, financial, cyber, legal, and discriminatory.


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