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Interviewed by Dr. Sara Jayne

by on September 26, 2021

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Dr. Sara Jayne on her podcast. We talked about narcissism and abuse. Here is the link:

Purely Sara Jayne

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    I found myself a bit confused after this podcast. I am recently out of a 32 year emotionally abusive marriage to someone who is on the narcissistic spectrum. We spent 3 years in counseling and I was desperately trying to have him address his behavior. The last marriage counselor recognized the split and lack of connection, black and white thinking. It was eye opening for me as I truly saw his lack of emotional depth and inability to empathize. But in the end he refused to get help and truly didn’t see anything wrong with his behavior. I was definitely in the discard stage towards the end and I could not tolerate it anymore. I was surprised to hear that you have found success with getting them to change and it sounded effortless. I have been studying this for a while now and been in group therapy for survivors, my own therapy and read a ton. I have not heard of anyone recommending tolerating this behavior as it takes a toll on your self esteem and frankly sets a bad example for kids that disrespect in a relationship should be tolerated. I have heard changing requires years of intense therapy and at his age of 58 I believe it would be so ingrained.


      Yes, it does take years for change as well as a willingness to do the therapy. While I don’t believe emotional abuse should be tolerated, many choose that path. My recommendations are for those people. I hope the clarification helps.

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