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21 Ways to Recover from Exhaustion

by on January 11, 2022

Are you exhausted from doing too many things at once? Some research suggests that multi-tasking is impossible — when done, a person is actually giving only partial attention to many things. With all the advances in technology, it seems that life doesn’t stop long enough to give full attention to anything. Many find they are exhausted not just in the physical sense, but deep inside to the bone.

What can be done? A mental health day might just do the trick. This is not a vacation day with the family or a day to catch up on annual doctor visits. Rather, it is a day to detach from the electronics and explore new horizons. It is a day to regain some rest and release some emotional build-up. Here are 21 ways to spend the day:

  1. Take a day at the spa and get a massage to relax stressed-out muscles.
  2. Try a new task such as a recipe that sounds interesting.
  3. Do something creative that is enjoyable like painting or playing an instrument.
  4. Revisit pictures from 10-20 years ago and take time to remember the influential and encouraging people.
  5. Clean up a pile or closet that has long been ignored.
  6. Reconnect with a friend long ignored by having lunch.
  7. Return to nature by going to the beach or a park.
  8. Take a nap to catch up on some sleep.
  9. Watch a sad movie to release crying, sadness, and anger.
  10. Watch a comedian spark laughter – it is truly the best medicine.
  11. Read a book just for fun, not work or relationship-focused.
  12. Practice deep breathing randomly though out the day using yoga breathing exercises.
  13. Explore your city by going to a museum or an unfamiliar part of town.
  14. Get out of regular routines by taking a long bike ride or walking someplace new.
  15. Go to the library or book store and explore an unfamiliar but interesting topic.
  16. Take a class at a craft store.
  17. Complete a puzzle or crossword.
  18. Meditate intentionally on a peaceful passage or phrase.
  19. Write a story or poem just for fun, not to be critiqued by anyone.
  20. Listen to music with eyes closed paying attention to the rhythm.
  21. Write a note of thanks to inspiring people.

Most importantly, enjoy the day!

To restart, try taking our class on intentional change.

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