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21 Tips to Survive Working from Home

by on April 9, 2020

Life is different for everyone. Most businesses are shut down and have asked their employees to work from home. Some, unfortunately, have even lost their jobs. Even people who were accustomed to working from home are now dealing with the presence of additional family members. Added to that, parents are being asked to help monitor their kid’s schooling while juggling their own work demands.

Whether you are looking for a new job, working from home for the first time, or juggling having family members at home, it can be stressful. Here are some helpful tips on how to survive, actually thrive, working from home.

  1. Get dressed in your usual work clothes each day. This helps to have the right attitude, posture, and presence.
  2. Have set times for work that are posted at home. Knowing when you are and aren’t available to other family members reduces frustration.
  3. Have a workspace that is yours. Don’t try to work from home in the dining room where the kids are also doing schoolwork. This is very distracting.
  4. Take a lunch or dinner break with the family. This gives the kids a chance to interact in shorter intervals rather than waiting for the end of a workday.
  5. Utilize technology by texting. Don’t shout from one part of the house or room to another, text instead of as if you were at work.
  6. Post a sign outside of your home office letting everyone know that you are working. Make sure to remove it when you leave, however.
  7. Use the normal commute time for additional family time. Rather than working longer, spend the extra time with the family.
  8. Don’t expect perfect silence. With nearly everyone working from home, it is expected that there might be additional distractions. Go with the flow.
  9. Limit your distractions. Place your home office in an area of the house that has the least amount of traffic or people.
  10. Use earphones. Rather than expecting others to be quiet, use earphones for all calls. You can also play some calming music while working to reduce the outside noise.
  11. Pay attention to how much time you are on your computer. Take breaks and look away from the computer. Too much screen time can harm your eyes.
  12. Switch the chairs you are using. For instance, use one chair for phone calls and another for video calls. This small difference helps the monotony.
  13. Reduce anxiety by doing a one-minute meditation. Focus on a relaxing picture and take deep belly breathing breaths for one minute.
  14. Take standing breaks and stretch. Simple stretching moves will help you to keep from getting stiff.
  15. Make sure you end your day. Don’t keep working or checking email after your workday is over, be done and leave the rest for tomorrow.
  16. Take a walking break in the afternoon. To increase your stamina for the rest of the workday, take a 20-minute walking break. The fresh air will do you good.
  17. Eat right, drink water. Make your workday at home the most productive it can be by eating right, exercising, drinking water, and taking breaks.
  18. Use any extra time you have to take a class, do continuing education, or learn a new skill. The training you gain during this time might make all the difference when life returns to normal.
  19. Keep in touch with your co-workers. Set up regular calls, video chats, or workspace applications to maintain connections with your co-workers.
  20. Set reasonable expectations for the family. This is a time to be flexible so practice that with each other. Don’t expect perfection.
  21. Communicate daily. Set a family time to talk about the day and review ways things could improve the next day.

Remember, whatever change you are experiencing today has the potential to grow you, strengthen you, and inspire others.

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