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101 Things to Do During a Lock-down

by on April 2, 2020

Are you running out of things to do while staying safe at home? Here are some suggestions to keep mentally healthy.

  1. Meditate.
  2. Read.
  3. Reread a favorite book.
  4. Pray.
  5. Sleep more.
  6. Start a new diet.
  7. Do a cleanse.
  8. Count the amount of water you drink.
  9. Take your vitamins.
  10. Start a new morning routine.
  11. Start a new bedtime routine.
  12. Do a puzzle.
  13. Pull weeds.
  14. Do some yard work.
  15. Clean your garage out.
  16. Clean out your junk drawer.
  17. Cook something different.
  18. Close your eyes and pull something out of your pantry to make.
  19. Draw.
  20. Paint.
  21. Move the furniture around in your room.
  22. Clean out your linen closet.
  23. Sew on buttons, mend a sock, or fix a hem.
  24. Paint a mural on a wall.
  25. Rearrange the pictures on your wall.
  26. Put out new family pictures.
  27. Learn to play an instrument.
  28. Take an online class.
  29. Listen to a self-help book.
  30. Get rid of the expired medicine in your house.
  31. Dust.
  32. Clean your baseboards.
  33. Give up alcohol.
  34. Give up caffeine.
  35. Do a family tree.
  36. Call a friend.
  37. Learn a language.
  38. Encourage someone.
  39. Learn to breathe correctly.
  40. Improve your posture.
  41. Make an angry list.
  42. Become aware of your feelings.
  43. Journal.
  44. Create a blog.
  45. Do a thankful journal.
  46. Color a picture.
  47. Refinish a piece of furniture.
  48. Do simple repairs in the house.
  49. Update your social media profile.
  50. Change your passwords.
  51. Update your resume.
  52. Tour a museum on-line.
  53. Dance.
  54. Do yoga.
  55. Take a walk.
  56. Take a bike ride.
  57. Schedule well check-ups with doctors.
  58. Learn a new computer application.
  59. Sell things through an on-line garage sale.
  60. Learn how to arrange flowers.
  61. Take some photography lessons.
  62. Make a bucket list.
  63. Examine your thoughts for a day.
  64. Create a budget.
  65. Speak only positive things for a day.
  66. Teach your pet a trick.
  67. Forgive those who have hurt you.
  68. Be mindful of what is around you.
  69. Tour a zoo on-line.
  70. Set travel goals.
  71. Memorize a song.
  72. Memorize a poem.
  73. Listen to music.
  74. Do a craft project.
  75. Learn to knit.
  76. Set new boundaries.
  77. Reset your goals for the year.
  78. Discover your purpose.
  79. Speak good things to yourself.
  80. Play a board game.
  81. Release stress in your body.
  82. Write a letter to someone who died.
  83. Learn how to use your electronic devices.
  84. Share stories with a friend.
  85. Practice showing empathy.
  86. Order food and get it delivered.
  87. Discover the small businesses in your area.
  88. Check on your neighbors.
  89. Do an act of kindness for someone close to you.
  90. Practice patience.
  91. Cook the food in your freezer.
  92. Learn to change a tire.
  93. Read the manual for your car.
  94. Find on-line manuals for your appliances.
  95. Throw useless things away.
  96. Go through your old files or papers.
  97. Clean the inside of your cabinets.
  98. Create a schedule.
  99. Clean out your email.
  100. Unsubscribe from sites you never visit.
  101. Embrace the unknown.

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