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What is Pre-Hurricane Stress?

by on September 8, 2017

As Hurricane Irma, with shifting center winds of 150 – 185 miles per hour, heads for Florida, anxiety in residents builds with every shifting forecast. The topic of conversation at check-out isles in grocery stores is which storm have you lived through. Those who have survived the many storms have already completed their shopping several days ahead of the arrival. While others who discount or minimize the storm mockingly comment on the over-response of others. There is a great divide between survivors of previous storms and observers of storms. Survivors know of the unpredictability of storms. The best forecasting still falls short of accuracy when unsuspecting turns and either increasing or decreasing winds determines the fate of cities forever impacting lives. Observers use the unpredictability as their evidence for not properly preparing preferring instead to ‘roll the dice’. Some observers inaccurately use previous storms as determining factors for how to prepare, failing to

Source: What is Pre-Hurricane Stress?

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