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What Are You Afraid of?

by on June 1, 2017

A popular acronym for fear is false evidence appearing real. However, for the person experiencing this emotion, the evidence seems very realistic and eminent. These fears can paralyze a person for moments or even a lifetime if left unattended. They are dominant and determinate factors in daily decisions, thoughts, actions, behaviors, and other emotional responses. There are even categories of fear such as the deep-seeded, driving, often subconscious, emotional forces that Freud identified. Then there are also the more conscious fears born out of trauma that cause a person to intentionally avoid people and circumstances in desperate effort not to repeat the same mistake or relive the trauma. And there is there are the more obvious daily fears such as phobias of spiders, driving, flying, or small spaces. Each type of fear has its’ own level of intensity. For instance, a deep-seeded fear of abandonment that is reinforced though the desertion of a parent and/or the rejection of a partner

Source: What Are You Afraid of?

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