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The Unspoken Rules for Living with a Narcissist

by on August 31, 2017

Every family has unspoken rules like: don’t wake-up mom when she is taking a nap, no matter what it tastes like say dad’s cooking is good, or always clean before grandma comes to the house. These guidelines are followed without question to keep the family running smoothly. However, when a narcissist is added to the mix, the rules take on more intensity. The consequences for not following the guidelines are severe such as giving a person the silent treatment for days, withholding financial resources for groceries, verbal assaults, or hour long anger rants. No one is immuned from the effects, the spouse and children are expected to adhere to the standards without question. Here are a couple of examples: Only their perspective matters. A narcissistic spouse was keeping track of his wife’s menstrual cycle, so he could manage her ‘crazy mood swings’. Knowing that he did this, his wife even spoke to her doctor to see if she had a menstrual disorder and the response was no. Still he

Source: The Unspoken Rules for Living with a Narcissist

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