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The Meaning of the Word, ‘NO’

by on August 25, 2017

Remember when then President Bill Clinton defended his improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky by saying, ‘it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is’? That classic line sounds almost ridiculous as there is only one meaning to the word is. It stands to reason that other simple words such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’ would likewise have only one meaning. However, to some people, ‘no’ does not mean no. A teenager hears the word ‘no’ after asking to borrow the car. Instead of accepting the response, the teen insists that the world is coming to an end if they cannot meet their friends later that night. A spouse hears the word ‘no’ after asking to have sex with their partner. Rather than respecting the response, there is constant trying, begging, manipulation, and finally coercion. A boss hears the word ‘no’ after asking their employee to stay late one night without any additional pay. As the employee goes to leave, the boss threatens to hire someone more cooperative tomorrow. There are a number

Source: The Meaning of the Word, ‘NO’

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