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Recovering from an Abusive Narcissist

by on May 25, 2017

The path to healing after an abusive marriage is more like a winding mountain road than a straight line. Just when a person thinks they are moving forward, the road makes a sharp turn backwards. Sometimes the best way to illustrate the journey is through a story. Here is Michelle’s route. After 25 years of marriage to an abusive narcissist, Michelle finally decided to divorce her husband. It was bad enough for her to suffer through his rages and threats but now as the kids got older, he was doing the same to the three of them. She spent years successfully protecting her children from these attacks, until the day he took out a gun and threatened to kill himself in front of them. That was it, she was out. It took every ounce of her strength to file for divorce. He was furious. He pulled out all of the stops and began accusing her of things he did. He rewrote history and spent hours trying to coax his teenage children into believing his version. He even offered bribes of cars and college

Source: Recovering from an Abusive Narcissist

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