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Overcoming Pre-Hurricane Storm Anxiety

by on September 9, 2017

The shifting projections for Hurricane Irma have caused resulted in the largest evacuation for the State of Florida. Those of us who choose to stay behind watch each update with anxious anticipation wondering which forecast will be correct. Having survived other storms in the past, I have come to appreciate the difficulty in accurate predictions. As the storm approaches, the roadways are bare, the shops are closed, and many homes are boarded up wondering when the electricity and internet will stop working. The hurricane causes families and neighbors to unite and hunker down expecting the worst but hoping for the best. But the topic of choice remains the latest updates on the storm and the damage that has already occurred. This creates an atmosphere of severe anxiety as tensions mount and miscommunication increases. Here are a couple of ideas to calm the inner storm so the focus can remain on the outer: Be aware. Anxiety can manifest in different ways. There are physical symptoms such

Source: Overcoming Pre-Hurricane Storm Anxiety

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