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How NOT to be a Scapegoat

by on August 24, 2017

Monica came into her counseling session crying. The position at work that she worked so hard to obtain was now in jeopardy. She couldn’t understand how this happened so quickly. One day she seemed to be everyone’s favorite new employee and the next day she was an outcast. But as she began to recount her story, a few things became clear. Her new boss was so charming in the beginning that she wondered why others had warned her he was difficult to please. Yet a new person emerged after Monica made a slight oversight on a report. Now he was demanding, condescending, and overbearing. In an effort to regain his favor, she agreed to take responsibility for a blunder he made during a meeting. However, this did not seem to fix anything, rather he became more belligerent than ever. Added to that, her assistant frequently came in late, smelled of alcohol after lunch, left early, and had excuses for everything that went wrong. After asking around about her, Monica discovered that several people

Source: How NOT to be a Scapegoat

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