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How a Child Becomes a Narcissist

by on July 8, 2017

Last week, a father sent an email to me about his teenage daughter. After reading the characteristics of narcissism, he was concerned that she had narcissistic personality disorder. She would appear to others to be the ideal teenager but at home she acted entitled, superior, and refused to apologize or express any empathy. With her siblings she was controlling, demanding, bullying, and belittling. She ignored rules, raged over any perceived offense, verbally attacked her family, and threatened to leave and never come back. In desperation, he reached out for help. This article is an attempt to help explain how a child becomes a narcissist. Even the best of parents and circumstances, might not be enough to counteract the aggressiveness of this personality. Since personality disorders are formed well before the age of 18 but are fully established by 18, the teenage years can be very revealing. There are three components to the development of narcissism: biology, environment, and choice.

Source: How a Child Becomes a Narcissist

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4 comment on How a Child Becomes a Narcissist


    I certainly would like to know more of your thoughts on this topic.


    I found this post incredibly interesting and helpful. I’m wondering if there’s effective treatment for an adult who suffers a childhood like this, and what are the success rates of a relationship for a child who grows up in a narcissistic upbringing?


      There are effective treatments with a professional who specializes in narcissism. Contact our office for more information at 407-647-7005.

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