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10 People to be Wary of at Work

by on June 30, 2017

Sometimes the key to success is in knowing whom to avoid at work. Having the wrong association can be the difference between promotion and demotion. In some cases, the casualty could even be a loss of employment. So how can a person navigate through the different personality? Here are ten types of people to be wary of at work. Blamers. The boss is fuming over a missed customer call. Mark, who is the service rep, immediately starts blaming his assistant for the oversite. When he realizes she was out sick, he shifts the blame to his cell phone, the new computer program, and lastly claims the customer is needlessly demanding. Blame shifters hate to take responsibility for any error because they believe this makes them look weak or vulnerable. Complainers. Susie comes into work with a new complaint nearly every day. The traffic was bad and it made her late. The deadline was unrealistic. The bathroom is dirty. Worse yet, she criticizes any new idea or process well before it is

Source: 10 People to be Wary of at Work

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