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10 Hidden Ways a Group Abuses an Individual

by on July 15, 2017

Some abuse is obvious: a punch to the face, name calling, guilt-tripping, physical isolation, and neglect. But others are done in a more calculated, secretive manner. Yet, they can be just as damaging. Even more significant is when the abuse is conducted within a coordinated group setting. This causes the target to feel like it is them against the whole organization. The individual verses the large unit could be a variety of settings. For instance, it could be a new employee entering into an established team, a spouse coming into their in-law’s home, or a new believer approaching a church. Whatever the environment, the unit is pre-established with their own set of rules and standards. However, instead of welcoming the newcomer, they are met with unreasonable expectations and abusive treatment designed to demonstrate that the new person is not part of the group. Here is how it is done: Indifference. It didn’t matter what Susie said, her comments were returned with a blank stare and an

Source: 10 Hidden Ways a Group Abuses an Individual

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